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Our method: what nature has always done.

We have more than 20 years experience of in the organic production which reminds  us about  what  work is, in harmony with nature and man.

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We all pay the price for conventional agriculture.

We interpret the harvest of each vintage using a few wise agricultural practices, where ancient knowledge is combined with modern knowledge.

As farmers have always done, we observe climate change and respect the timing of the vineyard, we intervene every year in a different way.

Our method would be nothing without soil regeneration, to recover fertility and biodiversity, which we increase by sowing green manure plants, different every year, between one row and another.

We also plant fruit trees around the vineyard and cut the grass mechanically.

We use soft guyot pruning: targeted interventions, vine by vine, to preserve the health and the balanced and slow development of the vine.

We treat our plants with products of plant origin, such as essential oils, as well as with copper and sulfur.

The solution lies in the most obvious place: the soil.

Our family lives in the middle of the vineyards. When we were children we played among the rows and for our father it was inconceivable the idea of poisoning the earth, which was and is, our home.

From this simple and natural feeling, we all began our agricolture path that over the years has also turned into a more mature environmental sustainability aimed at the planet, and not least, preserve the health of our customers.

This choice has conditioned our lifestyle, a change that began more than twenty years ago that evolves, but which always has the same goal: to be one with nature because we are nature.

We therefore want to continue to be part of the change by responding to the new needs that the planet is facing us.

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Here's what we do in practice.

Campàro has been living and working in the organic label for over twenty years. When we started out it seemed like utopia, today it is not only a reality, but we have demonstrated much more. That it is already written in our genetic code. Because we are nature.

Enter our ecosystem

We want to create a different world. Create communities of people who want to speak out against the climate crisis and a failed and divisive development model. Join us in this change.

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A story of wine, love and sustainability.

In the vineyard every year we study, we improve, we look for new techniques with a lower environmental impact, which can restore what we take from nature.

We sow green manure, we plant medicinal and fruit plants, we only use an organic phytosanitary products. We are trying to find a sustainable packaging solution.

Our challenge for the future is to have a packaging that is as recycled and sustainable as possible.

Our Collections

Here is our biodiversity.
Wine is not all the same. We produce it using one of nature's oldest survival strategies: biodiversity.

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Discover what we do every day inside our Campàro company. Here in the wonderful territory of the Langhe.